Swimming Girls
Illustration set created by talented designer from Paris, Alexandra De Assunçao.

First Drawings

Being young and experienced is something compatible, the probe is Alexandra. When facing her work you quickly realize the two key aspects of her illustration work.

Strokes are clear and minimal, they have an specific goal. Color patterns are outstanding communicating a fresh message.

Who can´t enjoy a good illustration book? You can find illustration everywhere being a basis element in many different communication supports. We’d love to see Alexandra’s being everywhere, from books to websites and apps.

Work for Fashion

As an art director you need to think different and having the main goals in mind is something essential.

Alexandra´s work has been featured in may different pblications. You´ll find in her portfolio many different projects with a very personal touch where you can see an specific language for building your next project.

Alexandra’s branding work is really well executed. She has made projects for different kind of companies all over the world, achieving outstanding results.

The Jumper — 2011

French Talents — You can find many graphic designers out there, but not all of them can understand a project’s soul. Listen is not the same than reading a brief.

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